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Should I switch from history to chemistry

Currently doing history in 5th year but I'm thinking about switching to chemistry because I might find it easier.

research it . ask the teachers or career guidance teacher, chemistry you wont have timing issuses like majority of people have at higher level history. chemistry is 100 percent exam with a 20 percent. look at the chemistry course and try to get your hands on a chemistry book. what have you missed in chemistry ask someone in your year about the chemistry teacher
I switched from history to chem bc I didn't like my history teacher and I realised I needed chem for my course. I was expectig chem to be really hard and esp bc I have a really really bad and lazy teacher. I hated chem sec in science in the JC I found it hard to understand but its acc doable. but even with bad teacher, I am getting H3 on average. I think people just make it sound really hard. If you put in the work and have a decent teacher youre sorted.
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