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Studying Veterinary in Budapest
ah36 The Leaving Cert1

Hey! I'm going into 6th year in September, and I'm hoping to study veterinary in uni. I'm hoping to get UCD but I'm also going to apply for Budapest, and I was just wondering if anyone else is planning on going there? If so, what are you going to use to study for the entrance exam? I haven't been able to find many resources as I'm not sure exactly what comes up on it, but I know it's quite different to the lc course. Thanks :)

From what I've heard, the entrance exam for any medical course in Budapest (veterinary, medicine, dentistry) is Biology and Chemistry both a bit more in-depth than the Irish LC standard - it's similar to the UK's A-Level Bio and Chem. It's also a multiple choice test. I wanna study dentistry in Budapest. My snapchat is ciarankehoe.
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