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Is leaving Cert classical studies much harder than jc classical studies?

I am doing jc classical studies (havent done my jc yet but i have done my mock and i got fine). I am considering choosing classical studies as one of my subjects for the lc but i am not sure if it’d be a good choice. Even though I am doing well with classics now it takes a lot of work for me to get good grades. Some questions: - is there a book for classics lc? There isn’t one for jc so I have to do a lot of research which is hard. My teacher is good but I still have to do extra work. - how many topics are there? Is there much artwork in the course? - how much of the course is continued from jc (if any). - is it hard generally...

Yasir Elsheikh
I havent done my jc yetbut my classical studies teacher adviced me not to choose it for lc and he told me its so hard in leaving cert that no one has ever gotten an in it in terms of lc
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