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Socrates essay

what arguments did crito give to socrates to escape prison? (essay)

1. Think of his children, he would be denying them a father to teach them and to guide them into adulthood. 2. To think of how people might think of his friends for they might say "they had the money to help him escape why didn't they help him" basically calling them uncaring and putting money over a friends safety. 3. To think of Crito for if Socrates were to die, Crito would not only lose a mentor and teacher but above all, a friend.
(i) Endangering the good reputation of his friends (ii) Don’t worry about the risks of rescuing him (iii)Don’t worry about the money needed for the attempt escape - Simmias of Thebes and Cebes (iv) He can lead a good enjoyable life after he escapes - Crito has friends at Thessaly (v) He is acting unjustly by joining the efforts of his enemies against himself (vi) He is acting unjustly by leaving his children orphaned (vii) It is cowardly to accept his position without resistance
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