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Emmanormy Junior Cert Technology — 0m ago 7

im not bad at technology i just had a shit techer. Im good at mechanisms and my porject is good. what can i do to get an A ??

UserA1H4 — 18/06/18
i suggest going over exam papers in the last few days that is what i am doing because our teacher told us not to bother buying the book and just to stick with exam papers as the same questions come up the whole time.
Emmanormy — 19/06/18
thank you @userA1H4
chloe_norman1 — 19/06/18
@emmanormy i guess that counts for me too:upside_down:
Big C
Big C — 19/06/18
Sure your fucked down, should have dropped to pass
aelabassy — 1m ago
firstly don't create drama "help" secondly i feel u bro I've the same problem mine is even worst he drinks alcohol during the class and tells us cringy jokes u don't want to hear them at all basically i picked technology and he's teaching us sphe dont suicide plz
aelabassy — 0m ago
don't jump off drawbridges it's just a project
aelabassy — 0m ago
dear allen i hate u
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