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Drop Computer Science

What other alternative subjects woudl be a good replacement for Computer Science as my Teacher has no clue what he's doing no joke. Would DCG be a good option? Any recommendations, please comment below. Thanks

dont do chemistry
No I do chemistry I think its ok tbh
DCG is basically Technical Graphics from Junior Certificate, but I've been told it's more theoretical, so I don't think you draw as much. It's looking at different views of an object so you can accurately and mathematically reproduce it. It's used in printing 3D pieces and it sounds really interesting but it takes a heap of work, effort and accuracy. Very lenient on accuracy. It's definitely quite tough and I'd recommend thinking it over and looking at some videos/speaking to a teacher about DCG because I regretted picking Technical Graphics throughout the majority of third year and it would be worse for you to do that for Leaving Certificate.
I never did business in JC but I am doing well in it in LC, Its not all numbers and stuff, about 95% of it is theory. I also do computer science, it is probably one of my least favroute subjects, same as you really, teacher hasnt a clue about the subject. It all really depends on what you want to do whenever you finish. Id personally recommend business and I am sorry I didnt pick a diffrent subject than computer science earlier lol.
A comp sci degree pays way more in industry or university level than secondary teaching.
Depends on your grades and where your interests are. Pay attention to your strengths too. Don't like to use grades as indicators but there's nothing else to use to assess. Look at the exam papers of every subject on the same line if you dread every second of the subject. If you are in 5th Year right now, it's too late to switch subjects now; you're crazy if you think you can learn 2 years work in 6 months
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