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How did you find that guys?

Short questions and the first long question were piss, but i reckon i messed up on the very last part of section c.

same as you I was happy enough with the SQs wouldve like to get another 2 done but 7 is good enough the LQs were fine. but section c was just .... most of it was fine took me a little while on the print dice and frequencies but i got it the * part tho? no hope i did it six ways to sun down and nothing i gave up then
i couldnt figure the last 2 parra of section C
I thought it was fine. To get the "*" part I did, print("*",* frequencies[0]) print("*",* frequencies[1]) and so on.
@Darragh9245 You could have sorted the freqncy list and then picked the last position
@MJH4516 I did the same as you, but was worried because I didnt use the 'end=' which was included in the question, but we still got the right answers :)
@Jeanette0908 Ya but hopefully we don't have to use the "end=", because the question says you "can be printed" using that statement. We should get full marks in that.
I loved the coding, finished in 30 mins, I just did a bunch of experimenting for qc
Messed up the last bit of the code with the amount of these things ***
Uploading attachment...