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HL Engineering
christf01 Leaving Cert Engineering — 17/12/18 4

I took on Engineering at the end of 5th year.. and i know absolutely nothing about the subject, any study tips or anything?

Brighter Minds
Brighter Minds — 22/11/18
Get the Leaving Cert Engineering book from Brighter Minds, and as well as the book you'll access to a full range of videos and quizzes which cover every aspect of the course. The longest video is less than 15 minutes long, so it's a very time efficient way of covering the course. The website is www.brighterminds.ie.
Oli27 — 03/12/18
what chapters do you learn for the questions
GearoidOD — 06/12/18
Just do past papers as much as possible. The paper is quite predictable and if you put in the work you cant really be caught out. Good luck
christf01 — 17/12/18
Thanks all for the help!
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