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Polsoc essay predictions

What do people think will come up in the essay section? i was told that femism is unlikely to come up because its been up a lot recently.

I've been looking over like sustainable development because of COP26.
feminism might not be asked about but you can talk about it in a lot of essays. For example, you can do a paragraph on it in human rights, political representation, development (gender equality is SDG number 5), equality in the eduaction system, women in media etc. An essay may not come up on whether modern irish society is a patriarchy but that doesn't mean feminism is off the table.
i think human rights- maybe of the child as its only came up once. maybe also education/ power and decision making in the school as theres never been an essay on power and decision making in the school.
education is defo a shout only came up once in 2018
The media has never coming up. I hope it doesssss
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