Junior Certificate Business Studies

Junior Cert Business Studies is really a mix of a few different subjects: Business Theory, Accounting & Economics, so you're getting a good mix and wide range of study. 

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What's on the Junior Certificate Business Studies course?

  • Budgeting
  • Consumer
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Club Accounts
  • Company Formation
  • Industrial Relations
  • Transport & Delivery
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • Business Documents
  • Trial Balance
  • Final Accounts
  • Farm Accounts
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Service Firms
  • IT & Computers
  • Cash Flow
  • Economics

What's the Business Studies exam like?

At Higher level you'll do two written exams. Paper I (2.5 hours) examines you on household and personal questions, which has twenty short answer questions (no choice) and six long questions where you do four. Paper II (2 hours) examines you from a business perspective and has six long questions of which you must do four. 

Ordinary Level students are required to sit one written exam. They are required to answer twenty short answer questions and five long answer questions.

Any tips for doing well in Junior Certificate Business Studies?

  •  Answer on your favorite topic first. This will relax you in the exam.
  •  Get your timings right, this means at higher level you should spend 5 mins reading paper one, 45 minutes on the short questions and 25 minutes for each of the 4 long questions. In paper two spend 5 minutes reading the paper and then 29 minutes for each of the four long questions.
  •  It's really important that you know how to do your book keeping because questions like Budgeting, Trial Balances and Final Accounts are on the paper every year. 
  •  Make sure you know the meanings of any new terms you come across and use examples where possible to explain what you mean. 
  • Don't forget your calculator, and make sure you can use it!
  • When you are explaining something try to add an example 
  • Practicing past exam questions is really important, especially in the book-keeping questions.

Download the Junior Cert Business Studies Syllabus

Download the Junior Cert Business Studies Chief Examiner's Report (2012) 

Download the Junior Cert Business Studies Guidlines for Teachers