Junior Cycle CSPE

Junior Cert CSPE is often regarded as an '’easy" subject. With 60% of the final mark going for the action project it is possible to do well before you even sit the written paper. 

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What's on the Junior Certificate CSPE course?

The course is based on 7 core concepts which are;

  • Democracy
  • Law
  • Human rights and responsibilities
  • Human dignity
  • Interdependence
  • Development
  • Stewardship

What's the Junior Certificate CSPE exam like?

Unlike other subjects junior cert CSPE is not split into higher and ordinary levels as there is only one common exam. 60% of the marks are awarded for an Action Project submitted before the exam. The remaining 40% is based on a written exam. The first part of the exam requires factual knowledge from the course and the remaining part of the exam requires you to analyse posters and answer questions on them. 

Any tips for doing well in Junior Certificate CSPE ?

Make sure you do a good job on your action project. If you got full marks in your action project, 62.5% in the written paper would get you an overall A in CSPE. One of the best things you can do to prepare is to keep an eye on current affairs. Watch or listen to the News as often as you can. 

Download the Junior Certificate CSPE Syllabus

Download the Junior Cert CSPE Chief Examiner's Report (2009) 

Download the Junior Cert CSPE Guidlines for Teachers