Junior Cycle Graphics

Technical Graphics (sometimes called Tech Graph or Tech Drawing) for Junior Cert is widely varied subject in which you will learn how to represent 3-D objects on paper and on computer and can become better aware of how graphic communication is all around us, in the print media, and on television.

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Some of the topics covered in Tech Graph for Junior Cert include:

●     how to produce drawings using drawing equipment
●     freehand sketches and computers 
●     how to read and interpret drawings and diagrams 
●     how graphics relate to the design and manufacture of products.

The Exam

You will sit a three hour examination paper. It is made up two sections: 

●     short answer questions which you complete on the sheet provided
●     longer questions which require more detailed answers.The longer questions allow you to show, in greater detail,the drawing and problem solving skills you have learned.
 You can take the exam at Higher or at Ordinary level.When the time comes to decide, your teacher will help you choose the level that suits you best.

Topics Examined

●    Area Conversion
●    CAD
●    Cartesian Plotting
●    Circles
●    Circles in Contact
●    Conic Section/ Ellipse
●    Development & Solids in Contact
●    Graphs
●    Isometric/Axonometric
●    Orthographic Projection
●    Perspective
●    Projection Systems
●    Rotation/ Flag questions
●    Sketch
●    Solids in Contact
●    Spatial Ability
●    Transformation Geometry
●    Trigonometry


JC Tech Graph Syllabus
JC Tech Graph Fact Sheet