Junior Cycle Business Studies

Junior Cycle Business Studies is really a mix of a few different subjects: Business Theory, Accounting & Economics, so you're getting a good mix and wide range of study. 

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What's on the Junior Certificate Business Studies course?

  • Consumer
  • Expenditure
  • Financial Service Providers & Insurance
  • Income
  • Preparing Budgets
  • Saving & Borrowing
  • Understanding Pay
  • Cash Books and Ledgers
  • Business and Technology
  • Business Documents
  • Business Finance
  • Entrepreneurs and Enterprise
  • Final Accounts
  • Marketing
  • Planning a Business
  • Types of Business
  • World of Work
  • Demand and Supply
  • Economics
  • European Union
  • Government and the Economy
  • International Trade and Globalisation

What's the Business Studies exam like?

With the new Business course introduced in 2019, there's only one paper for all students at common level. You'll get 2 hours to do the exam and it's worth 270 marks.


The exam has two sections: A & B. Section A is worth 90 marks and has 15 questions, all worth the same amount or marks and you need to answer all of them. Section B is worth 180 marks and has just 3 questions worth 60 marks each. Again you must answer all questions.

Any tips for doing well in Junior Cycle Business Studies?

  •  Answer on your favorite topic first. This will relax you in the exam.
  • Read through the paper first and make sure you understand each question and the words in them.
  •  Make sure you know the meanings of any new terms you come across and use examples where possible to explain what you mean. 
  • Don't forget your calculator, and make sure you can use it!
  • When you are explaining something try to add an example 
  • Practicing past exam questions is really important, especially in the book-keeping questions.

Download the Junior Cycle Business Studies Syllabus

Download the Junior Cycle Business Studies Chief Examiner's Report (2019)