Junior Cycle Mathematics

In Junior Cert Maths, it's really important that you try to understand all the concepts covered in class as the questions that come up are very varied and so require a good understanding of all parts of the course. 

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Remember in the exam that attempt marks are giving for any step in the right direction, so attempt every part of the questions you do and make sure to show all your workings.

As the Project Maths course is relativily recent there are only a limited number of past papers available. Many of the Project Maths papers released are sample papers or pilot school papers and therefore marking schemes are not always available.

What's on the Junior Certificate Maths course?

  •   Algebra - Equations from Words
  •   Algebra - Expressions
  •   Algebra - Solving Equations
  •   Algebra Inequalities
  • Applied Arithmetic - Financial Maths
  •   Applied Measure - Area & Volume
  •   Coordinate Geometry
  •   Counting/Permutations
  •   Functions
  •   Geometry
  •   Geometry - Constructions
  •   Speed, Distance, Time, Real Life Graphs
  •   Number Systems
  •   Probability
  •   Sets
  •   Statistics 
  •   Transformation Geometry
  •   Trigonometry  

What's the Junior Certificate Maths exam like?

Higher level students take two papers, each lasting two and a half hours. Ordinary level students also take two papers, each lasting two hours. 

Any tips for doing well in Junior Certificate Maths?

Practice, Practice, Practice. Of all subjects, Maths is the one you need to constantly be practicing to do well. Pick a topic, study it, print out some questions, try them and check your answer against the marking scheme. Pay attention to the details and try to avoid basic errors. Make sure you know how to use your calculator and always show your workings in answers as attempt marks will often pass you a question. 


Download the Junior Certificate Maths syllabus

Download the Junior Certificate Chief Examiner's Report (2015)