Junior Cycle Technology

Technology for Junior Cert is mainly about using a design process to solve technological problems.

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Some of the things you will learn include:

●     an understanding and appreciation of design and the design process 
●    how to use the tools and equipment necessary to complete projects in a safe manner 
●    an understanding of different materials,their properties and how best to work with these materials, i.e.wood, metals and plastics 
●    how to use electronic components to build simple circuits for use in tasks and projects e.g.running mechanical toys.

The Exam

There are two parts to the Junior Cert Technology exam: 

●     Coursework - you will design and make a project based on a given design brief (instructions).This is worth 50% if you take Higher level and 60% if you take Ordinary level. 
●     Written Exam - you will also complete a written exam which is worth the remaining percentage. You can take the exam at Higher level or at Ordinary level. When the time comes to decide, your teacher will help you choose the level that suits you best.

NCCA Factsheet
JC Technology Syllabus