Leaving Certificate Chemistry

Leaving Cert Chemistry builds on the foundations of the Chemistry section of Junior Cert Science. So if you found that easy, this could be a good subject for you.

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The course includes 28 mandatory practical experiments which must be completed in the lab, as well as a written paper including questions on these experiments and examining the theory and applications of chemistry. It's really important that you learn your definitions and mandatory experiments, as these make up a lot of the marks in the exam. Take note: definitions must be learned word for word.

Chemistry Course Content

  • Acids, Bases & PH Calculations
  • Atomic Structure
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Electron Arrangement
  • Experiment Q1 (Titration)
  • Experiment Q2 (Organic)
  • Experiment Q3 (Other)
  • Fuels & Thermochemistry
  • Gas Laws, Moles & Gas Properties
  • Instrumentation & Chromatography
  • Ionic & Covalent Bonding
  • Option: Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Option: Industrial Chemistry
  • Option: Materials & Polymers
  • Option: Metals
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Oxidation & Reduction
  • Periodic Table
  • Q4
  • Radioactivity
  • Rates of Reaction
  • Stoichiometry, Formulae & Equations
  • Water & Water Analysis

The Exam

The Leaving Cert exam is three hours in duration. You must answer at least two questions from Section A (experiment section) and a maximum of six questions from Section B.

There are eleven questions in total on the exam paper, each carrying 50 marks.

There is no element of continuous assessment in Chemistry, but experiment copies must be available for inspection by the State Examinations Commission. You will have to memorize the chemical components of a series of prescribed experiments. You will need to present the elements of four such experiments in the exam.

Future Careers with Leaving Certificate Business

Any Science based course: Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Medicine, Pharmacology, or Material Science.


Download the Leaving Cert Chemistry Syllabus

Download the leaving cert Chemistry Chief Examiner's Report (2013) 

Download the leaving cert Chemistry Guidelines for Teachers