Leaving Certificate Construction Studies

This course is about buildings and "the build environment". In other words, everything from houses, to bridges, to windmills. You learn everything from planning through to the finished product.

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People who do well in Construction Studies are normally into working with their hands and maybe did something like Tech Graphics or Woodwork for the Junior Cert.

Construction Studies Course Content

  • Condensation & Air Tightness
  • Conservation & Restoration
  • Doors
  • Drainage
  • Fireplaces & Fire Prevention
  • Floors
  • Foundations
  • Heat & U-Value Calculations
  • Heat Loss & Insulation
  • Hot Water & Space Heating
  • Passive Design
  • Planning, Sustainability & Environment
  • Project & Practical
  • Question 1: Drawing Questions
  • Roofs
  • Services: Water, Gas, Electricity... 
  • Site Safety
  • Sound
  • Stairs
  • Sustainability & the Environment
  • Walls
  • Windows & Light
  • Wood, Rot & Ventilation

The Exam

Section A 

Section A  is worth 300 marks. You need to try question 1 and any other 4 of the 10 questions. Question 1 is always on drawing building detail.  

Section B   

A 4 hour practical where you get to show off your woodworking skills. It’s just like an exam (no notes, no mobile phones) and it is worth 150 marks. Normally this is about a month before the rest of the Leaving Cert exams start.

Section C   

A Building Project where the student makes a building detail, a scale model of a building or a craft piece. The student also produces a portfolio to accompany the project that they make. Ideally this project must be completed by Christmas. This accounts for 150 marks.


Future Careers with Leaving Certificate Construction

Construction is not a requirement of any third level course. Possible careers include; Builder, Plumber, Architect, Engineer, Roofer, Planner.


Download the Leaving Cert Construction Studies Syllabus

Download the leaving cert Construction Studies Chief Examiner's Report (2013)