Leaving Certificate Engineering

The Leaving Cert Engineering course covers a wide range of mechanical engineering materials, processes and technological applications.

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Around 5,000 students sit Engineering each year, this is around 9% of the total number of students who sit the Leaving Cert each year. 95% of these students are male. It is a broad course, covering both theory and practise of Engineering skills. Leaving Cert Engineering helps give you a knowledge of the materials; an understanding of the processes; ability in safely using the skills and tools to do practical work and development of technological projects. 


The syllabus for Leaving Cert Engineering has two sections:

1.     Workshop Processes. This is all the practical processes which may be applied in the school workshop integral with the related theory. This section will carry 300 marks in the examination at both levels. Ordinary and Higher: There is 150 marks for a practical examination and 150 marks for workshop/laboratory work and projects. 
2.    Materials and Technology. This section represents the wider knowledge and technology as a whole. In the written examinations this section carries 200 marks at Ordinary level and 300 marks at Higher level Leaving Cert Engineering.
The Exam
There are 3 Parts to the Leaving Cert Engineering Exam.

1.    A Technology Project Based on a brief sent to schools during 6th year. This is worth 25 % of the overall marks for Higher Level Engineering and 20% at Ordinary Level
2.    A Practical Skills Exam which takes place for 6 hours, in schools in May. This is worth 25% for Higher Level and 30% for Ordinary Level Engineering Students
3.    A Written Exam, lasting 3 hours at Higher Level and 2.5 Hours at Ordinary Level, makes up the remainder of marks.

Leaving Cert Engineering Syllabus 
Leaving Cert Engineering Chief Examiners Report 2017