Leaving Certificate Mathematics

The main aim of Project Maths is to change the way Maths is taught so that you leave school with a greater understanding of the concepts as well as an idea of how Maths can be applied to everyday real life situations.

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Higher Maths is considered the most time consuming of all subjects so it was decided to introduce a bonus point system. If you pass HL Maths you get a bonus 25 points so if you get an H1 in higher Maths you will be awarded 125 points and a H3 will achieve 102 points (77 + 25). However, for this to apply, Maths must be one of your top six points, and you must pass it.


NOTE:  As many of the Project Maths papers released are sample papers, marking schemes are not always available.

Leaving Cert Maths Course Content

  • Algebra
  • Area & Volume
  • Complex Numbers
  • Co-ordinate Geometry, The Line
  • Differentiation
  • Financial Maths/Arithmetic
  • Functions
  • Geometry
  • Geometry (Proofs and Constructions)
  • Graphs of Functions
  • Induction
  • Integration
  • Logs
  • Probability
  • Sequences and Series
  • Sets
  • Statistics and Data
  • The Circle
  • Trigonometry

The Exam (Higher and Ordinary level)

Paper One is 2.5 hours long and has two sections
          Section A - Concepts & Skills, 150 marks in 6 questions
          Section B - Contexts & Applications, 150 marks in 3 questions
You must answer all nine questions
Paper Two is 2.5 hours long and has two sections
          Section A - Concepts & Skills, 150 marks in 6 questions
          Section B - Contexts & Applications, 150 marks in 2 questions
You must answer all eight questions but you are given a choice between 6(a) and 6(b) in section A

Unlike other exams, there is no consistency in what question any particular topic will appear. Often questions will test you on a few different topics from across the course. There is also no consistency in the allocation of marks across the different parts (a,b,c) of a question.
In terms of time management a good starting point is to spend 10 minutes at the start reading the paper. Spend 10 minutes on 25 mark questions, 20 minutes on 50 mark questions and 30 minutes on 75 mark questions. The marks allocated for a question may not, however always be a multiple of 25 so it’s important to be somewhat flexible in your time management.

 Future Careers with Leaving Cert Maths

This subject is a requirement for entry into a number of third level courses. Maths is used throughout everyday life and is an important part of careers such as Business, Finance, Engineering, Science, Accounting, Statistics, Medicine.
Download the Leaving Cert Maths syllabus (for 2015 onwards)

Download Chief Examiners Report (2015)

Leaving Certificate Mathematics (Foundation Level)

The exam (Foundation Level Only) is 2.5 hours long and has two sections
          Section A - 200 marks in 9 questions
          Section B - 100 marks  in 3 questions
You must answer all eleven questions