Leaving Certificate Applied Maths

Leaving Cert Applied Maths is taken by less than 2000 students every year. Most students who take Applied Maths also take Physics and higher Maths. This helps as there is a big overlap in the material covered in the three courses.

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As Applied Maths is not offered in most schools a large number of students will take the subject outside school hours. Aside from the languages, Applied Maths has the highest number of A grades every year (approx 28% athigher level). This is not because it's an easy subject but rather that if a student is willing to take on an extra subject. In many cases that student will be a high achieving student. 

The course essentially covers the maths of the behaviour of objects when placed in various situations, such as being thrown as projectiles, bounced off walls or other objects, immersed in fluids, or swung around on a rope.

What's on the Leaving Certificate Applied Maths Course?

  •         Circular Motion and SHM
  •         Collisions
  •         Connected Particles
  •         Differential Equations  
  •         Hydrostatics
  •         Linear Motion
  •         Moments of Inertia 
  •         Projectiles
  •         Relative Velocity
  •         Statics

What's the Leaving Cert Applied Maths exam like?

There are 10 questions on the exam paper, each covering the topics below in detail. However, the exam only requires you to complete six questions, so it is not uncommon for teachers to focus on six or seven topics, which makes the course and workload more manageable.

Any tips for doing well in Applied Maths?

They key to doing well in Applied Maths is to keep practicing past exam questions. A lot of students will cut corners on the course and only cover 6 topics. It is advisable to learn a minimum of 7 topics though as there is often at least one very tricky question on the paper each year. 


Download the Applied Maths Syllabus
Download the Applied Maths Chief Examiner's Report  (2012)