Leaving Certificate Economics

Students who take Economics usually enjoyed Junior Cert Business Studies and are interested in current affairs. It's often described as the most practical Business subject.

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Leaving Cert Economics is concerned with understanding the workings of a modern economy from both a Macro and Micro level. The course looks at how we get our incomes, how we use them, the supply of resources and the production and exchange of goods and services. 

Economics Course Content

  • 1.1 Economic Concepts
  • 1.2 Sustainability
  • 2.1 The Market Economy
  • 2.2 Elasticity
  • 2.3 Costs of Production, Revenue + Profit
  • 2.4 Government Intervention
  • 3.1 Market Structures
  • 3.2 The Labour Market
  • 3.3 Market Failure
  • 4.1 National Income
  • 4.2 Fiscal Policy and the Budget Framework
  • 4.3 Employment
  • 4.4 Monetary Policy and Price Level
  • 4.5 The Financial Sector
  • 5.1 Economic Growth and Development
  • 5.2 Globalisation
  • 5.3 International Trade and Competitiveness
  • 6.1 Topical Questions and Statistics
  • Research 

The Exam

Higher Level & Ordinary Level do one 2.5 hour paper 

Section A  has 9 questions and you must do 6 (100 marks)

Section B  has 8 questions of which you do 4 (75 each 300 in total). You have lots of choice in this section. 

Future Careers with Leaving Certificate Economics

Banking, Finance, Economist, Business, Accountant


Download the Leaving Cert Economics Syllabus

Download the Leaving Cert Economics Chief Examiner's Report (2009)