Leaving Certificate Religious Education

Leaving Cert Religion is a relatively new subject and the number of students taking it is growing. Assessment involves a written coursework project and an end exam.

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One of the nice things about Leaving Cert Religion is the amount of choice given in the course and exam.

Religion Course Content

  • The Search for Meaning and Values
  • Christianity
  • World Religions
  • Moral Decision making
  • Religion & Gender
  • Issues of Justice and Peace
  • Worship, Prayer & Ritual
  • The Bible
  • Religion: the Irish Experience
  • Religion & Science

The Exam

Coursework (20%) is an extended essay on a given topic

Exam (80%) 

Unit One which must be done by all students: The Search for Meaning and Values 

Unit Two Pick any two topics from:

1. Christianity: origins and contemporary expressions

2. World Religions

3. Moral Decision Making

Unit Three is an optional section where you specialize in one area form a choice of six.

  • Religion and gender
  • Issues of justice and peace
  • Worship, prayer and ritual
  • The Bible: literature and sacred text
  • Religion: the Irish experience
  • Religion and science

Future Careers with Leaving Certificate Religion

This subject is not an essential requirement for any courses in the CAO system. Future careers include Arts, Law, Journalism, Education and Social Work.

Download the Leaving Cert Religion Syllabus

Download the Leaving Cert Religion Chief Examiners Report (2013) 

Download Leaving Cert Religion Guidelines for Teachers